Paintings for Sale



Palm Beach painting Blue Mountains painting
Palm Beach from Whale Beach Road

Oil on board, 90 X 45 cm. Postage included. Unframed.

South-West from Blackheath
Oil on board, 63 X 121 cm. Postage included. Unframed.

Australian landscape art by Steven Heyen Australian landscape art by Steven Heyen
North Head from Stanton Road
The view from the top of Stanton Rd Mosman toward North Head.
Oil on board, 60 X 120 cm. Postage included. Unframed.
 Looking West from Blackheath

Oil on board, 60 X 112 cm. Postage included. Unframed.
Australian landscape art South Coast beach painting
River, Grafton
Oil on board, 60 X 37 cm. Postage included.



A South Coast Beach
Oil on canvas panel, 60 X 90 cm. Postage included.



Australiab landscape art

Red River Gum
Oil on board, 53 X 75 cm. Postage included.


Australian landscape art

Flinders Headland from the West
Oil on board, 60 cm X 32 cm. Postage included in price.
Australian landscape art

Creek, South of Gundagai
Oil on board, image size 60 X 100 cm. Unframed.  Postage included.

Australian landscape art

Seal Rocks, Lighthouse Beach
The Southern end of Lighthouse Beach at Seal Rocks, NSW.
Oil on stretched canvas, image size 80 X 40 X 1.5 cm. Unframed.  Postage included.
Australian Landscape Art

Snowy Mountains, Late Autumn

Oil on board. 118cm X 69cm. (Image 60 X 120)  Beautifully framed. Postage included within Australia.



  Contemporary seascape
Sea Showers
Oil on canvas,76 cm X 102 cm. Mounted on a 2cm stretcher. Postage included in price.

Australian landscape art

Snow Country, Autumn
Australian Snowy Mountains
Oil on a canvas stretcher, 90cm by 60cm., Postage included


    Australian landscape art

At Govett's Leap

The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Oil on board. Unframed. Image size: 60 X 100cm


The Silent Ascent

Image size: 90 X51 cm. Oil on Canvas Unframed. Mounted

on a deep stretcher. Postage included

* Finalist, Mosman Art Prize, 2012.



Trees, Oberon area
Acrylic on board, 23cm X 32cm, unframed. Postage included in price.