Paintings for Sale



Palm Beach painting Blue Mountains painting
Palm Beach from Whale Beach Road

Oil on board, 90 X 45 cm. Postage included. Unframed.

South-West from Blackheath
Oil on board, 63 X 121 cm. Postage included. Unframed.

Australian landscape art
Australian landscape art by Steven Heyen
North Head from Stanton  Road, Mosman

Oil on board, 60 X 120 cm. Delivery cost included. Unframed.
 Looking West from Blackheath

Oil on board, 60 X 112 cm. Postage included. Unframed.
Australian landscape art South Coast beach painting
River, Grafton
Oil on board, 60 X 37 cm. Postage included.



A South Coast Beach
Oil on canvas panel, 60 X 90 cm. Postage included.



Australiab landscape art

Red River Gum
Oil on board, 53 X 75 cm. Postage included.


Australian landscape art

Flinders Headland from the West
Oil on board, 60 cm X 32 cm. Postage included in price.
Australian landscape art

Creek, South of Gundagai
Oil on board, image size 60 X 100 cm. Unframed.  Postage included.

Australian landscape art

Seal Rocks, Lighthouse Beach
The Southern end of Lighthouse Beach at Seal Rocks, NSW.
Oil on stretched canvas, image size 80 X 40 X 1.5 cm. Unframed.  Postage included.


  Contemporary seascape
Sea Showers
Oil on canvas,76 cm X 102 cm. Mounted on a 2cm stretcher. Postage included in price.

Australian landscape art

Snow Country, Autumn
Australian Snowy Mountains
Oil on a canvas stretcher, 90cm by 60cm., Postage included


    Australian landscape art

At Govett's Leap

The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Oil on board. Unframed. Image size: 60 X 100cm


The Silent Ascent

Image size: 90 X51 cm. Oil on Canvas Unframed. Mounted

on a deep stretcher. Postage included

* Finalist, Mosman Art Prize, 2012.



Trees, Oberon area
Acrylic on board, 23cm X 32cm, unframed. Postage included in price.